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Handcrafted Donuts

We handcraft every donut, every day. No short-cuts, just lots of love. Below is descriptions of Guru donuts. To see what we have available in REAL-TIME including seasonal and specialty flavors, click the button below to ORDER ONLINE. To stay up-to-date on weekly donut line-ups, follow us on INSTAGRAM!

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Our most popular and versatile donut. The yeast-raised dough is made with locally sourced flour, flax and coconut milk then fried to a golden brown. We use this dough to make many rings, bars, twists and any shape and size you can dream of!


Current flavors of yeast-raised are:

  • Hipsterberry

  • Alice in Wonderland

  • The O.G.

  • Maple Bar

  • Sea Salt Chocolate

  • See Instagram for seasonal flavors (@gurudonuts)



Made with locally sourced flour, whole milk and eggs then topped with house made glazes. The cake donut has a flaky, airy interior and a sweet and crunchy exterior. 

Current flavors of cake donuts are:

  • Old Fashioned

  • Plain Jane

  • Guru Chocolate

  • Chocolate Sprinkle

  • See Instagram for seasonal flavors (@gurudonuts)



We get it, donuts made from potatoes may sound strange, but you have to try this Guru only donut! This dough has a delicious balance of a fluffy cake center  with a crunchy outside texture. Made with all gluten-free ingredients including locally sourced Idaho ® Potato Flour. Customers commonly say, "I don't have to eat gluten free but I still come in just for Guru's potato donuts!"

Current flavors of potato donuts are:

  • Cinnamon Sugar

  • Healthy Homer

  • Impossible Donut (GF & Vegan, Weekends Only)

  • See Instagram for seasonal flavors (@gurudonuts)



We bring around specialty raised donuts including raised bismark's, targets and others. Pictured is our Whinnie The Pooh donut, which has the rich, buttery and flaky texture of a biscuit with the light airiness of our raised donut, only avaible on Friday's.

Current flavors of specialty donuts are:

  • Boston Cream

  • Whinnie the Pooh (Friday's Only)

  • See Instagram for seasonal flavors (@gurudonuts)


More than just donuts? Yep! Guru has a full eats menu so you can stop by for your one stop shop on your way to the office or for your morning brunch. We use local, fresh ingredients to bring you delicious eats. No preservatives, nothing artificial, just the good stuff. 



All our toasts come with a choice of sourdough or gluten free bread, loaded with fresh toppings.


Toast Options Are:

  • Loaded Avo (pickled peppers, sesame seeds and micro greens)

  • Basic Avo (everything seasoning, lime juice and olive  oil drizzle)



All our sandwiches come with your choice of sourdough or gluten free bread, served warm.


Sandwich Options Are:

  • Turkey Pesto (shaved turkey, pesto, avocado, sundried tomatoes )



The perfect savory breakfast item. Our house-made egg and cheese scramble, topped with ham and finished with our house-made Sammie Sauce. This is served on one of our raised donuts, toasted to perfection. We recommend pairing our Sammie with your favorite donut or a cup of our drip coffee made with locally roasted beans.

Sammie Options Are:

  • Classic Sammie (ham, egg, cheddar, house-made aioli sauce)

  • Vegan Sammie (vegan sausage, vegan egg, vegan cheese, vegan house-made aioli sauce)

quality drinks

Mediocre coffee on the side? Not at Guru. We partner with local companies to bring you the best beverages in Boise. Coffee, tea, soda and mimosa's, we have it all. 



We've partnered with Iron Mule, a local roasting company to bring you the best coffee in town. We can make you drink of choice (ask a Guru for a list of flavors) or ask our Guru's for their favorite creations!

Milk Options:

• Whole Milk

• Non-fat

• Half and Half

• Oat

• Almond

• Coconut

image1 (5).jpeg


We partnered with Erth Beverage Co to make our most iconic donut flavor, the Hipsterberry, into a drink! This soda is made with all natural ingredients, sweetened with honey. We also have your classic Italian soda's with a variety of flavor options. ​

image0 (12).jpeg


We carry Apolis Craft Tea in stores to bring you a variety of black, green and herbal tea options. You can also buy our blends in stores to steep your own at home!


Our Teas:

  • Irish Breakfast

  • Sweet Cream Earl Grey

  • Ginger Lemon

  • Uber Tart Infusion

  • Raspberry Rose

  • Honeymint



Our Weekend Hours are the perfect time to come in and try out some of our alcoholic options! These pair perfectly with both sweet and savory. Ask our Gurus what they think would be the best donut or sammie pairing!

Our Alcoholic Offerings:

  • Draft Cider - Meriwether Foothills SemiDry (reminiscent of champagne with a crisp bitter flavor and slightly sweet overtones) ABV 6.9%

  • Draft Cider - Meriwether Cranberry

  • Meriwether Canned Spritzer (made with cider, purified water, and raspberry juice. It's crisp, sessionable, and completely refreshing!) ABV 4.6%

  • Meriwether Canned Spritzer (made with cider, purified water, and blood oranges! It's crisp, sessionable, and completely refreshing!) ABV 4.6%

  • Draft Beer - Boise Brewing Boise Light (light everyday beer) ABV 4.7%

  • Boise Brewing Can - IPA Hip Check (hops, hops and more hops) ABV 7.6%

  • Boise Brewing Can - IPA Hazy (our original recipe made juicier, hazier and spacier) ABV 6.3%

*Our gluten-free donuts are made with only gluten free ingredients, but we consider them "gluten-friendly" as our kitchen is not certified gluten-free. We do our best to minimize cross contamination, but as a small, family business our donuts are all hand crafted out of the same space. All of donuts are prepared using the same cooking equipment. If you are Celiac and/or highly sensitive to dairy products or nuts, please advise the person taking your order. We strive to provide #donutsforall, being sensitive to as many allergen concerns as possible and hope to have dedicated equipment for our gluten-free products in the future. 

Thank you for understanding!

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