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Mondays are baker's holidays...

It is a rare thing of beauty for bakers to enjoy a day off...with OTHER people. The schedule is even more sublime if we get to catch a glimpse of the sun while everyone else is out enjoying summer. Due to unforeseen matter of timing and circumstance, the Gurus are enjoying Independence Day weekend. We thought the new shop at the Idanha would be open this weekend, so we can celebrate with our Guru Families. But I am happy our staff gets to enjoy a "normal" holiday with their loved ones.

The remodel of the historic Idanha hotel lobby (the former La Vie en Rose restaurant/cafe') is almost complete. As in true Guru Donuts fashion, we are doing the chores ourselves. And it's a THRILL. We know we're here for at least five years (the term of our lease), which is like "forever" in Guru years. This is our fifth kitchen in over three years. And each move we have collected more equipment and more badges of honor. Our staff has been incredible. This new bakery kitchen (boasting 1,000 square feet to increase our production) is for them. Watching them all work cohesively as a team has been the reward. We are all honored to bring a pulse back into the charming corner lobby of the Idanha Inn on 10th and Main Street. Our neighbors at the Snake River Tattoo, Bombay Grill and 10th Street Station have been incredibly supportive and generous.

We know you're excited to share the Guru Love with your families and friends. We appreciate your support and grateful we get to spend the next Fourth of July Weekend celebrating with all of you! See you soon, Boise.

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